The Edmonds Theater



• The Edmonds Theater uses the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint to display ads on-screen prior to the show. You can submit a complete slide (.ppt format preferred) to us via email or have us create the slide for you (note: there is an added charge).

• Any images sent should be in a .jpg format, RGB color format, HD print-quality photo and logos300dpi) work best as our screen is thirty-five feet wide.

• Each ad is given fifteen seconds on the screen, this will rotate prior to the feature film, which means it can rotate 4 to 5 times. Double that for two showings per day.

For more infomation email us at



Annual: $900 (Savings $300) 

Semi-annual: $500 (Savings of $100)

3 Months: $270 (Savings of $30)

Monthly: $100

The Edmonds Theater
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